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My preferred wall coating paints are from Sherwin Williams or other lines of products produced by Sherwin Williams like Conco, Dutch Boy, Mautz, Midwax and Pratt & Lambert.

Prices of these paints depends on your preferences or budget. You can either choose a paint that will last a few years, if you plan on selling or moving, or a paint that will last 25 years, if you plan on staying in your home.

Product also depends on durability. Do you have children? How old are they? Do you have pets? Do you cook a lot in the kitchen? These are all questions I would ask to make sure you get the best paint for your needs and lifestyle.

Wallpaper removal will be charged by the hour. Wallpaper removal can either be really quick or really difficult depending on how the wallpaper was applied, how long the wallpaper has been on the wall and the location of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper removal good!

A great examle of wallpaper removal being cooperative.

Wallpaper removal bad!

A great example of wallpaper removal being not so cooperative.

pressure washing before and pressur washing after

Pressure washing in a great way to freshen up your home, roof, sidewalk, deck or patio.

I use a 3000 psi pressure wash to safely clean excess dirt, mold or mildew off of whatever you want!

Pressure Washing Before Pressure Washing After

Pressure washing driveway, sidewalk or patio can make it look brand new!

Drywall repair can be simply taping and mudding two drywall boards together.

I have done drywall repairs on holes in the walls, drywall repair on water damage and drywall repair on new drywall panels.

Interior staining, exterior staining, woodwork staining, deck staining and carpentry are all services I can also provide to you with satisfaction guaranteed!

Or drywall repair can be filling a hole in your wall.

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