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A little nervous
What is a blog??


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A little nervous

I'm doing an estimate today for refinishing a door.  The homeowner tells me that it is a Frank Lloyd Wright door valued at $45,000! Iknow I can do this and make it look gorgeous but's a $45,000 door!! I will post pictures.

What is a blog??

I have asked numerous people what a blog is and nobody seems to know for sure.  So  I will just post here what I'm up to.  A little about me: I enjoy working on cars, spending time with my family and relaxing.  I have been painting for years but have had my own business, Homeland Painters, since 2002.  I have managed to be quit sucessful even though the economy is still in the toilet.  I love painting and will probably do it even after I retire.  Check back here to see what I'm up to and other job related information.
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